Summer is part of the natural cycle, the time when all living things become active, as the sun generously distributes its energy. For me personally (and I think the same is true for many people out there), summer is the time of exploration. We move around a lot, travel, experience and discover new things. I wanted to use music to convey this state of passionate search, this zest for life. Perhaps that is why some songs sound a bit naive, a bit childish. Growing up, the passage of time is perceived differently. The days seem longer because they are filled with all sorts of wonderful discoveries.
Some of the songs from the album were originally written as a score for the film installation titled "The Path of My Artist" directed by Natalia Poluyanova. In this work, Natalia illustrates and explores the phenomenon of the inner child in the body of an adventurer. I wanted the music to bring about intriguing and exciting artistic images, awaken imagination and enhance the familiar reality.

Label: Mestnost
The album "Water Atlas" illustrates two words, two meanings. Water is life. A variety of forms, states, visual textures. The mood and the message of the music are conditioned by the perception of water - its mythology. According to the Russian philosopher Alexei Losev, a myth is the simplest intuitive relationship of a person with things. A myth is the face of any object or phenomenon.
And when we say, for example, "hypnotic water" or "sinister fog", we betray the water's mythical properties. Nothing happened to it, it is still H2O. But a person, passing it through the prism of his perception, gives water personal qualities. That is, in effect, creates a myth. And this myth becomes a part of reality.
Since ancient times, water has stirred the imagination of people. It erases civilisations from the face of the earth, is a panacea for mortal wounds and a portal to another world. The sea is a place of eternal wandering and challenges. Water is always something mysterious, detached.
The second word is "Atlas". Pick up an atlas, open this book and feel that there is some mythology in it.......

Label: Serein

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"....Thematically, anything from the sunlight beaming onto the wall in a room, chance communications with people and traveling can influence Max as an artist. His unrelated studies at the time of recording subconsciously feel linked to this body of work somehow, with lectures on Renaissance alchemists, mythology, death and human evolution having been an area of research during this album's production period. Nietzsche's tightrope walker was also a poignant read at the time and purely by coincidence, the person in the cover image appears to be walking a tightrope.

However, conceptually there is not a neatly mapped-out journey for the listener. Instead the asymmetric shapes of atmospheric sound and the names they have inherited, along with the cover artwork tell different stories as each track passes. Introductions, codes, different parts and moods unfurl carefully in the lightest breeze, like classical music. Midday creates a warm and restful environment for the listener to make sense of this collection of moods; a task made all too easy thanks to its shimmeringly adherent gathering of light sounds."

Label: White Lab
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The album "Сhangeable Weather" was created by me as a soundtrack for the exhibition "Flora Atlas", which was held in the gallery One's Mind in Saint Petersburg.
This is a classic long-form ambient.
Harmony acquires either warm or cool shades.
It is known that the air temperature is constantly changing depending on the time of day, affecting atmospheric pressure, wind direction and speed, cloud cover and precipitation. All these factors, in turn, are decisive in the state of the flora and fauna of our planet.
Original music for the installation "Parler Des Yeux Dans Rêver" by photographer Vitaliy Afanasiev.
Places: B12 Gallery (St. Petersburg), One's Mind gallery (St. Petersburg)
The album was recorded as an original soundtrack for an exhibition "Squared" by sculptor and artist Ilia Shalashov. The exhibition was held in 2021 at the "B12" gallery in St. Petersburg. The artist showed 6 art objects from the "Bioliths" series, as well as graphics.
Metal dross formed in the process of making a steel sculpture is sounds in "Steel 06" composition.
Especially for the recording of this album, a stand for gongs and bells was designed. The compositions are improvisations.

Music for the exhibition. Sound installation. Fragment.
Full mix - 50 minutes.

Description: The sounds of the city sound from different sides of the exhibition hall space from 6 autonomous sound sources.
Train whistles, creaking gates, intercom signals, the rumble of ventilation pipes, tram bells, etc. etc. - all sounds were recorded on a dictaphone and collected in 6 mixes.
All tonal sounds of the city resonate in a single G Major chord.

12.21.2022 - 11.21.2023.
Venue: Anikushin Workshop, branch of the State Museum of Urban Sculpture.
Saint Petersburg.

Music and sound design for film-installation.
Description: The installation "The Way of my Artist" is a confession or personal diary of an artist who goes and looks for a place where her talent will be noticed. On her way, she meets condemnation, ideas, impulse, artists like she and confidence, which she asks what it takes to make her talent noticed.

04.07.2022 - 12.07.2022.
Venue: gallery "B12", St. Petersburg.
Director, Illustrator: Natalya Poluyanova

Description: "Thursday at Noon" is a film installation without words. The action resembles a theatrical action.
A combination of new glass architecture and flying baroque "fragments" of the chapel, hipster builder costumes take us to a futuristic world.
The shooting was made at the stage of erection of a cast-iron chapel, on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, at the site of the feat of Tsar Peter the Great.
Composer Max Ananyev wrote music that emphasized theatricality, surrealism and drama in the film.
The weight of the cast-iron chapel is 60 tons.
The premiere of the film took place in the Church of St. Catherine, on Malaya Konyushennaya Street. In this screening, space and film architecturally interacted.

Venue: Church of St. Catherine, St. Petersburg.
Director, DOP: Natalya Poluyanova

Music for installation. Fragment.
Full mix - 15 minutes.

05.29.2022 - 06.09.2022.
03.17.2023 - 05.14.2023.
Venue: gallery "B12", St. Petersburg; gallery ONE "S MIND, St. Petersburg.
Photographer, Artist: Vitaly Afanasiev

"FLORA ATLAS" (2022)
Description: The composition "Changeable Weather" illustrates the change in temperature through the variation of the fret.
For 30 minutes, the harmony acquires either warm or cool shades.
It is known that the air temperature is constantly changing depending on the time of day, affecting atmospheric pressure, wind direction and speed, cloud cover and precipitation. All these factors, in turn, are decisive in the state of the flora and fauna of our planet.

12.17.2022 - 02.19.2023.
Venue: ONE'S MIND gallery, St. Petersburg.

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