I welcome you to my gallery. My name is Max. I am a classical guitar composer, ambient producer and sound artist.
Here you can get acquainted in detail with my work.

Regards best,
Max Ananyev

Water is undoubtedly one of the main attractions of St. Petersburg.
In this video, I propose to take a boat trip along the quiet water of Griboyedov canal and Moyka river in the Golden Hour at the end of the white night, see the dawn on the Fontanka, watch the Neva from the roofs of the Palace Embankment.
House facades, antennas, reflections in water and windows, circling seagulls - many details that create a unique image of the city on the Neva.
Enjoy watching!
10 pieces for classical and electric guitar.
The garden is an image of the ideal coexistence of man with nature, including his own nature.
Man takes care of nature, and nature pleases man and bears fruit.
The garden is an archetypal image.
Whether we have faith or not, the myth lives in everyone that everything began in the garden.
Choose single pieces scores or sheet music collections.
14 pieces for classical and electric guitar.
A creative person often rushes to frontiers. Overcoming territorial boundaries helps to transcend mental boundaries and vice versa.
Exactly 10 years ago, ‪‪on‬‬ ‪March‪ 2, I ‬‬packed a suitcase and moved to St. Petersburg from the Russian Far East. Here I understood and felt a very simple thin: contents different in depth can be seen in the same everyday forms. Everything depends only on the limits of perception, which we establish.
I dedicate these 12 pieces for classical guitar to the streets, water and sky of St. Petersburg.

Format: Digital
Label: Fancymusic (RU)
13 pieces for classical guitar solo.
13 millions streams in Apple Music!
Joint album with Berlin Trumpeter and Ambient Producer Christian Grothe.
9 tracks at the intersection of jazz, academic music and ambient.
"immensity"- four free-jazz improvisations with a reference to Russian folklore. The compositions were recorded one autumn evening in St. Petersburg as a result of an almost accidental meeting of three musicians:
Max Ananiev - guitar
Ilya Atamanov - Russian seven-string guitar.
Julia Sayfulmulyukova - vocals
Ilya gravitates towards Russian folk music, I towards atmospheric impressionistic sketches, and therefore the motive of the immense Russian space, which is not obvious, but permeates Russian entire culture, somehow determined itself.
"First Impression" - is a collaborative album with China-based handpan artist Vitaliy I.V.A.
7 atmospheric compositions.
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